SuperRead 3: Toxic: Leverage, Love and Crimes

The third title of SuperRead goes to Nafisa Benazir with her story Toxic: Leverage, Love and Crimes for her great combination of drama with a great sense of humor! Support this author by reading and recommending the story if you loved it as much as I did!
Original reviewCora is a 17 year old high school student with quite the complicated background already for someone so young. Yet in spite of that, she is very independent and has quite the sense of sarcastic humor. Because of circumstances at her parents’ house, she felt the need to find her own place to live, so she lives on her own at 17. To pay for the rent, she works as a maid for Lennon, a young millionaire with a twisted personality to say the least. When Cora doesn’t do as she is told, this guy sexually abuses her. When she tries to run, he threatens to do the same to her mom. Cora is trapped in his web. Will she be able to get out of it?
I laughed my ass off during some scenes of this story. I love the sense of humor in it an…

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