Announcing the Second SuperRead of the Week!

Aaaand after having had a bit of a hiatus for a week, it is now finally time for the results of the second round and announcing the second SuperRead of the week! Again, I’ll be giving out points for the following subjects:
  • Originality (of the story genre, theme, story itself/storytelling, choices, character personality/looks, etc.)
  • Directing (no/barely any mistakes in directing, paying attention to details like people in the background and use of overlays, etc.)
  • Creativity (use of backgrounds/overlays in a new way, nice covers, creative use of language/way of story telling, etc.)
I will make a top 3 of stories that scored best on these subjects, in my opinion (which mostly lines up with the official grading rubric of Episode, as I found out recently, lol) and give an explanation why I think they excel and deserve their place in the top 3. Only the top 3 stories per subject will be able to get points for those subjects. The division of points is as follows: number 1 will get 100 points, second place gets 70 points and third place will be provided 40 points. Also, the amount of readers gained within a two day period after the review of a story got published will be added as points on top of the points gained in the three subjects. At the end I’ll add up all the points gained per story and we’ll be able to see who scored best and deserves the title of SuperRead of the week. Also, I’d like to introduce a little addition to this week’s final results. I really want to add my personal favorite to this post as well, because last week’s SuperRead, was really awesome and well written indeed, but if I’m honest, it wasn’t really my personal favorite (though I did like it a lot, really!). So, for last week’s sake I’ll do a little shout out to Love Quest of Katie and Maddie, since I just loved their idea of this really interesting gameshow story. Be sure to check it out, if you haven’t done so yet, it’s great!

Then let’s get started with the first subject, namely the amount of readers gained within a two day period. Here are the results per story:
Joanna: this story went up from 92 reads to 113 reads, this is an improvement of 21 reads!
See the Real Me started off with a meager 10 reads, but gained 6 reads in two days time.
War of Love & Love of War: this rewritten story started out with 931 reads already and gained 25 reads.
Changed: 160 reads to 172, gaining 12 reads!
The Academy: King Hill: went from 912 to 921 reads and so gained 9 reads.
911: Call me if you can: the thriller of this week started out with 340 reads and gained a baffling 61 reads in the set two days time!

Those are some amazing results and I’m really hoping that my blog contributed to these amounts 😊. These past two weeks the blog has gained another 359 views and the average amount of readers gained by the reviewed stories was 22!

On to the subjects of originality, directing and creativity: like I said, I’ll be judging them in separate top 3’s, so they all get their own little header from here on out.


1.       911: Call me if you can: Being the only thriller amongst a lot of dramatic and/or romantic stories, already speaks for itself a bit, but aside from that this story has quite some original perks. Take the system of choices with serious consequences for example. These are some hard life-or-death-decisions you make! Plus, I love how this story makes one reflect on their opinion about cops/911 dispatchers. I know I won’t be as quick to judge next time I see a cop do something “foolish”, I mean: in this story I got knocked out by a kidnapper because I stubbornly went to a meeting place all alone instead of getting my cop friend to come with me.
2.       See the Real Me: This story could become a real awesome shout out to blind people, or any people struggling with disabilities really, to show that they are seen and not forgotten by the mass. Also, I really appreciate the author’s great effort to try and understand how her blind character senses the world and would react to it. It’s actually pretty stupid, we call blindness and such disabilities, when their sense and unique opinions and perspectives of the world actually sometimes add more meaning and insights to this world than thousands of non-impaired people combined ever could. Back on track, though, I found that, aside from this very interesting subject, this story also already had some interesting choices within the published few episodes I could read. They seem to affect the relationships with certain people like the main character’s best friend, which I found very fitting, meaningful and, while, more original than just the usual character-editing.
3.       War of Love & Love of War: Though still a drama, this story takes place in a fantasy world in which aristocracy still rules and wars could break out at any time. Complex relationships, loveless marriages, hostility and family statuses make this drama stand out from contemporary drama’s.


1.       Changed: Being a drama with a bit of a sci-fi background story, the author has been very creative in directing it! Using semi-transparent overlays for the tubes that held the main characters, the whole scene with the running and getting tackled by the male main character, the use and directing of the children in the story…it’s really some very decent and creative directing skills I’ve seen so far.
2.       911: Call Me If You Can: First of all, compliments on the many choices directing throughout the story! I know it can be tough trying to implement them and -depending on the system used- sometimes making them work correctly at all. But the choices aren’t the only good directing in this story. There’s also a decent use of background characters, overlays, zooming and sound to keep the story dynamic. Overall this author’s done a great job on this department, though I do believe it does still somewhat lack in creativity when compared to the way Changed was directed and therefore this story earned its second place.
3.       The Academy: King Hill: Having nearly perfect use of directing, this tale deserves third place. The directing is on the traditional side, but the way it is used to tell the tale is impressive to say the least. Using background characters, sound and interesting picture-perfect positioning of characters (especially in the scene with the red couch in episode 5) makes this story worthy to be in this top 3.


1.       Changed: Aside from the creative use of directing and overlays as I mentioned earlier on, the way the author tells this tale is also rather interesting. Balancing between flashbacks that explain where the feelings and thoughts of the present-time main characters come from and the situations and growth they start making by slowly learning to leave those things in the past, is very intriguing. It also helps forging a bond between the reader and main character really well.
2.       911: Call Me If You Can: Barely using the narrator and telling pretty much everything from a first-person’s perspective requires quite some skill, I believe. Also, I love the creative way of including pictures in the picture frames and the blood-stain overlays to make the investigation feel even more real. The cover art is very neat as well: it fits the genre and is a very good representation of what the story is about.
3.       Love of War & War of Love: I loved some of the unique backgrounds that are used in this story. Aside from that the cover art is lovely and I believe the storytelling is done very well, especially the use of the old-fashioned English is a nice touch to it.

And now, the moment of truth…who earned first place and the title of SuperRead of the week? Let’s find out!

In 6th place is Joanna with 21 points.
5th place is taken by The Academy: King Hill.
See the Real Me is in 4th place

Now for the top 3…

In 3rd place: War of Love & Love of War!

Proudly 2nd is Changed!

And that means that the winner is 911: Call Me If You Can

Congratulations! I will give your story a big Shout Out on Instagram and the Episode Forum, plus I’ll recommend it in the Episode app! Also, there will be a big post on the review on this story plus the results it got on the different themes in this post on this blog!

My Personal favorite

Honestly, I really loved 911: Call Me If You Can. But since I’d like to give a shout out to a different story than the winning one as well, I’ll do See the Real Me the honors, as it was actually pretty much an equal favorite of mine as 911: Call Me If You Can. As said before: I really love and respect that the author of See the Real Me brings the subject of visual disability to light. It’s very meaningful and I’m interested as to how the story will develop from now on. Keep up the good work!