Review 4.1: A Toxic Relationship

Author: Melia

Description: Your life is about to turn upside down after you finally decide to give Kian a chance to become a part of your life.

This story is based on real life, which makes it rather interesting. The biggest differences with a lot of fictional stories are that in this story the main character’s friend/niece does not always give the best advice and is even a bit pushy, also the ‘bad boy’ is very manipulative and aggressive and doesn’t just miraculously change this behavior because he ‘loves’ the main character. The main character herself makes some foolish mistakes too by deciding to trust Kian again even though he treated her awfully and even threatened her. In short: I think this story is well written and pretty realistic.

The directing of the story is decent, though not very spectacular. I do like the narration on the moonlight and skyline backgrounds. It gives off a bit more sentiment, I guess.

Can you handle knowing the drama and pain of a wicked relationship? Read Melia’s A Toxic Relationship on the Episode app and recommend it if you think others should read this as well!