Review 03: Projection!

Author: Karlon Artis
Description: Harry Stevens is looking for his big break in the world of musical theatre. But what will it take to get there?

Honestly, I was looking forward to reading a different genre than the typical romance/drama genre and this time I was going to read a comedy story named Projection!...or so I thought. After the first episode I was surprised that not a single joke was made. After five episodes I started to think the joke’s on me for ever believing that I was going to get a good laugh out of this story!

What is the story about then, you ask? Well, it’s about this college student getting an opportunity to audition for a position in a musical production. Meanwhile he falls in love with two girls who are unrealistically fine with the fact that he kisses both of them and can’t choose between them (must be a man’s dream 😉, sorry to burst your bubble guys, never met girls like that in my 24-year-old life). This messes up with his rehearsing for the audition and now the question remains if he’ll get through the auditions well.

Onto the directing part, which was quite…simple and therefore smooth. I don’t really get how the choices given during the story would make a difference, apart from the choices to tell one of the girls ‘I love you’ or the choice to kiss back the other and the like. Those choices do make sense, though I feel a bit cheated when the main character still ends up liking them both even though I was clearly steering into one direction. Another directing issue of relevance is the sitting behind table overlays…the characters kind of look like little kids because they’re sitting so low. So I’d suggest to either keep them standing (since you can’t really see they are standing with an overlay like the ones you used) or use spot positioning to get them to the right height to turn them back into the young adults they are supposed to be.

Though I was disappointed on the part of the genre. What I did like was the fact that this story is one of the few written from a male perspective. Rather than a complex melodramatic plot, this one is very easygoing and…chill, I guess. But if you’re more into weird and original stories like me, it may get too boring. Though if you like school life, semi-realistic (‘cause seriously, the way those girls are acting ain’t normal at all) stories, this maybe a good and chill story for you.