The Rules

What is SuperReads about? Well, it's all about reviews on newcomer stories or older stories that just can't seem to get a satisfying amount of reads. Every weekday I'll post an honest review on a story (only with the permission of the author of course) and that story gets to compete with other stories I review on the other weekdays. Then at the end of the week (on sunday) I'll pick one story and make it the SuperRead of the week. Once this blog gains popularity, though, I plan on letting readers pick their favorite read of the week by voting through polls :)

So how does one's story become a SuperRead you ask? By...
- getting a good review and a good mark
- being original!
- creative use of directing, original background/overlays, etc.
- gaining a lot of story reads within two days after the review is published!

If you have additional ideas or comments on this (like if there already is such a blog/website that could use my help instead), please post them here! Also if you like to apply for a review, post the title of your story, your episode author name and a description below!

There is a rule for enrolling, however, which is that you MUST read at least 2 episodes of 1 of the stories of last week's reviewed stories in order to be accepted for a review and you must post 2 screenshots of the last episode read and the title of the story. Also there can't be more than two people reading the same story among the appliers so pay attention!