Review 3.1: Designer's Runway

**Apologies for my tardiness, people! And thanks for your patience. Enjoy the first review of round number 3**

Author: Teesha B.
Description: Can you win Designers Runway? Or will you get cut from the show? Play your way to win the title of Top Designer!

Playing as a self-named and self-designed character who majored in fashion, you sign up for a fashion designer talent show called Designers Runway at the beginning of the story. Arriving at the scene where it all takes place, you already get confronted with the harshness of showbiz when someone scolds you for being late by two minutes. Then arriving at the first meeting, you meet some fellow contestants, one of which seems to be a walking Newsfeed on everything to do with the contest, your idol Fox Ninja, the jury and your fellow contestants. She is willing to share some sappy information with you about one of these subjects, which makes your first choice. Later on you meet a guy that looks surprisingly similar to your boyfriend back home and you can’t get him out of your mind. What will this contest bring you? Could you win with your creations or will you drop out? Is there a hint of a new romance?

Though there are still only 3 episodes available of this story, the main character already has been through quite a lot. From deciding to participate in the contest to meeting her idol Fox Ninja and what looks like her boyfriend’s double! With a sappy gossip source close-by, this story promises to become quite the drama aside from being a story with a show-theme. Directing-wise the story looks very decent as well. There are some movie-like scenes that guide the reader to new places, which eye really professional. At the end of every episode the reader is also free to change the main character’s appearance. Though I do think it’s weird to change the skin tone, eye color, mouth shape, etc. every episode, I do appreciate the possibility to change her hairstyle and lip color from time to time.

All with all, this is a very decent story and I’m pretty curious what choices it will bring when the designing part of the contest actually starts. Could readers possible be given choices to design winning or losing outfits themselves? Wish to find out? Read the story on Episode and keep tuned for any episodes after episode 3.