SuperRead 2: 911: Call Me If You Can

A well deserved 1st place was earned by Episode author Lark Noah this week with her story 911:Call Me If You Can! Congratulations! To all you thriller-addicts, don't pass this story by, it's awesome!


Author: Lark Noah
Description: “My name is Michael Clayton. And I was kidnapped.” What will you do? Each choice matters. Save his life. Or kill him.

Ok, so Himawari’s been saving the day in this great thriller full of life or death decisions (ok, I admit that I may have made some more…foolish decisions from time to time). You’re free to design your own character and then you start playing as a 911-dispatcher. You get a call from someone called Michael Clayton and this call turns your whole life upside down! Not only is Michael kidnapped and the call untraceable, the kidnapper even seems to know pretty much everything about you, including your mobile phone number. Being stalked and given assignments by the kidnapper, will you be able to save Michael and catch the culprit?

First of all, I’d like to give a round of applause to this author. The story is great, the choices are meaningful and the directing is nearly perfect. It’s a great thriller and as a reader the choices given really make you feel the suspense even more and it gets you even more engrossed into the story. I can barely find anything that needs improvement, I only noticed that from time to time the speechbubbles aren’t really neatly placed, but it is not disturbing and the tails do point the right directions.


1.       911: Call me if you can: Being the only thriller amongst a lot of dramatic and/or romantic stories, already speaks for itself a bit, but aside from that this story has quite some original perks. Take the system of choices with serious consequences for example. These are some hard life-or-death-decisions you make! Plus, I love how this story makes one reflect on their opinion about cops/911 dispatchers. I know I won’t be as quick to judge next time I see a cop do something “foolish”, I mean: in this story I got knocked out by a kidnapper because I stubbornly went to a meeting place all alone instead of getting my cop friend to come with me.


2.       911: Call Me If You Can: First of all, compliments on the many choices directing throughout the story! I know it can be tough trying to implement them and -depending on the system used- sometimes making them work correctly at all. But the choices aren’t the only good directing in this story. There’s also a decent use of background characters, overlays, zooming and sound to keep the story dynamic. Overall this author’s done a great job on this department, though I do believe it does still somewhat lack in creativity when compared to the way Changed was directed and therefore this story earned its second place.


2.       911: Call Me If You Can: Barely using the narrator and telling pretty much everything from a first-person’s perspective requires quite some skill, I believe. Also, I love the creative way of including pictures in the picture frames and the blood-stain overlays to make the investigation feel even more real. The cover art is very neat as well: it fits the genre and is a very good representation of what the story is about.

Up for some great suspense and case-solving? Read this story if you can and don’t forget to recommend it if you liked it 😊!