Review 2.5: The Academy: King Hill

Author: Shella DeRoi
Description: You uncover a new secret that proves King Hill is not as it seems all while your relationship with Josh blossoms. But, will this throw your relationship with Hank into disrepair.

Though I still have no idea what the big secret mentioned in the description is yet, I’ve learned this story is a high school drama with well implemented choices in it that either make or break your relationships with people you interact with. You can customize your character and start a story of love, jealousy, lies, but possibly also friendships in the future. You are falling for two guys, dating one and feeling strangely attracted to the other. Meanwhile secrets from friends and devious plots against you get unveiled, wrapping everyone in a tale of drama and gossiping.

Alright, I have to be honest with you guys, call me miss Goody Two Shoes for it, but I really hate gossiping and plots full of cheating, secrets and lies that make everyone seem inhuman. It’s just not the whole truth, just as a plot with only good people isn’t the whole truth either. But a plot with pretty much only good people in it, is at the very least idealistic and therefore I can sometimes long for such a fairy tale. I totally DO NOT have that with the stories I just described as sketching characters as inhuman. Biggest problem with this story, for me, was that not even the main character was a nice person and there doesn’t really seem to be any moral to the story so far. Therefore, for me it was a bit of a torture to read this story, no matter how well-written and well-directed it was. Long story short: I can negatively identify with characters, as long as they either have a good counterpart or the story as a very interesting moral, like Death Note for example.

Well, back to business, because I may personally not like this kind of story, some people do and they’d probably want to know whether this story is worth reading 😊. Despite my personal issues with the story, I must admit it is pretty well written and the directing is nearly perfect. There’s background characters, use of sound and the story is everything but dull. I did notice the tails and positions of the speechbubbles weren’t correct in the scene with the red couch in episode 5, but I think that’s all there was wrong on the directing part so far. There however was something that struck me when ‘You’ talks to Hank in class after the incident with Josh in the locker room. ‘You’ said ‘this isn’t you, Hank’ to Hank, but it felt completely out of place to me, since ‘You’ only went on one date with Hank and therefore probably barely knew him. Heck, even the housemates admitted to barely knowing the main character! So how on earth could she say something like that as if she’d known him for ages?

Well, that’s all that I could think of improvement-wise. I believe this author has in fact done a great job, writing and directing this story. Too bad it’s not for me. But for those who do love drama and sappy gossips, go ahead and read The Academy: King Hill on Episode and recommend it if you liked it!