Review 2.4: Changed

Author: G. Lambert
Description: Forever trapped. Forever engulfed in darkness. How do you find your identity when you’ve been stripped of one?

Alexandra London’s parents are rich business people and their business is beauty. Perfect beauty. Alexandra’s mom is especially obsessed with perfection and also demands perfection of all of her models and her own daughter. Being a stubborn and strongwilled girl, Alexandra does not succumb to her mother’s will. This, however, results in a most unbelievable and dreadful event: Alexandra and many others become guinea pigs for her mother’s latest experiments to attain perfect models. Luckily, Alexandra manages to escape, but having been experimented on for so long, she doesn’t look like herself anymore and her past haunts her every night. Will she ever be able to live a normal life again?

I’m loving this story so far! It has practically everything, from great directing to great tale telling and interesting developments and flashbacks. You can  sympathize with the main character really well and the story is rather original and curious. Yet like with every story there also are some points of improvement. In this case there are some scenes in which the speechbubbles have their tails pointed at the wrong character and there were a small amount of lingual mistakes, but that last part wasn’t that disturbing. I really loved the directing, though if I compare it to the last SuperRead (Finding Ourselves Together), I’d still think that Finding Ourselves Together has superior and even more detail oriented directing (especially regarding the use of ‘figurants’/background characters). So if the author would like to further enhance the directing of her story, I’d recommend taking a look at the directing of that story. **Edit: the author mentioned working on this part of editing and will fix the speechbubble-problem as soon as she can :)**

This story is a most curious and dramatic one, having even a hint of mystery and suspense in it. Do you love a bit of a different story? Then Changed may be the right read for you!