Review 2.3: War of Love & Love of War

Author: Alyssa Davis
Description: War, betrayal, death and blossoming romances unfold in this fantasy land of Tulley. Who will survive and who will rule?

My first review on a fantasy story 😊. This tale tells about Allie, a daughter of a high status family of northern-Tulley, who in fact is about to pick a suitable man for marriage. But before she could get into a loveless marriage like many aristocratic women in Tulley, she gets summoned by the queen. The king is dying and the queen tries to keep her reign clear from as many enemies as she can and so she takes in Allie as her lady in waiting and of course a hostage in case her family has any ideas of betraying the queen and her son. Will Allie stay safe in the royal court? What will happen once the king dies? Can romance really blossom during such perilous times?

First of all: my compliments on the artwork of both of the covers of this story. They look marvelous! I also love the backgrounds used, I believe I noticed some original ones as well. It all fits together really well. The story in itself, I feel, is not the most original (gives of a bit of a Game of Thrones-vibe), but it is well told nonetheless. I do believe it is rather confusing how a lot of the characters are introduced all at once, but I am glad you chose one leading main character for the story to revolve on (I really hate it when stories bounce back and forth from one character to another the whole time).  The situation as described, comes across to me as pretty realistic and well-constructed. Some points of improvement being a check-up of the language used. Examples are the use of the word ‘king prince’ where as it should be ‘crown prince’ in correct English and I saw a character using the word ‘except’ where I think you meant to say ‘accept’ and the sentence ‘I will crush them that the vermin they are’ I believe should be ‘I will crush them like the vermin they are’. Other than that the use of the more formal and old fashioned English seems pretty adequate.
The directing is done rather well, though I think the panning of the backgrounds whenever one changes scenes is a bit bouncy and in my opinion rather unnecessary. Another subject I was wondering about are the choices. Like the choice to change clothes. I once tried on southern clothing on Allie while she was in court (thinking she would fit in better and show her loyalty or something), but she begged me not to let her wear that. So I wondered what kind of consequences my choices of clothes have had so far? It’s not really clear what would happen if I did let her wear the southern clothing at all, but her reaction seems to suggest that choosing clothing does matter somehow in the story. I just wished I knew what kind of impact it has.

Are you a big fan of fantasy stories and stories of war and romance? Then this may be the perfect read for you! You can read this story on Episode and recommend it if you like it!