Review 2.2: See the Real Me

Author: Arina
Description: Alex is fine with her uneventful life. That is, until a new student comes to her school. His name is Ed and he’s blind.

This is the first Episode description I’ve seen that’s so clear it really captures the startup of the story well. I barely have anything to add to this :’). But barely isn’t nothing, so here it comes! Ed may be blind, but he hates to get pitied or helped. He is a strong and independent soul and demands to be recognized as one despite his disability. Alex is the first one at his new school that seems to at the very least try to respect this part of him and so they slowly but surely start to get along. But are Alex’s feelings just feelings of admiration and respect? Or is there more to it?

When I read the description of this story, I already loved the idea! I am very interested in people that are different, be it because of a disability or because of a unique culture or something else entirely, it just peaks my personal interest immediately. But because of that I was also afraid I’d be disappointed by a poorly written story about the subject…but I’ve seen that concern get contradicted as I read the story episode by episode. It’s eyeing as a simple story, but it is in fact really well written and most of the scenes the author really thought well about what the situations would implicate for a blind person like Ed. There is, however, one scene in the first episode that I slightly wonder about concerning this subject. At Ed’s introduction and his question about the place of the seat, it is stated that everyone stares at him and he gets uncomfortable. Yet, he can’t see that they’re staring at him, so why the awkward response? Is it because it had gotten more quiet as well? If yes, it may be wise to add this fact to this scene, so people won’t think it’s some kind of mistake.

To the directing part: greatly done! Especially the sound directing is done frequently and in a meaningful way. Also, I love the original backgrounds at the start concerning the warnings and the story title. Other than that, there also are choices in the story, which all seem to be meaningful and add value. I’m curious where my choices will bring me eventually 😊. One thing I did notice about the directing that may need editing, is the fact that the music at the party in episode 3 suddenly stops for no apparent reason, even though one of the sentences after the music stops, is about the music actually being on…

The use of language is done really well. There even is a little bit of Russian in there, which I thought, gave the main character even more of a unique and realistic touch. I did notice one small mistake language-wise in the third episode, where Ed yells after his aunt dropped him off at the party that she left “her blind niece” there all by himself. This would be fine if Ed was actually a girl instead of a boy, which would be quite the plot twist so early on in the story, but I don’t think this is the case…or is it? The right word in his case would be ‘nephew’.

I hope this review has been helpful for both author and readers. I also really hope a lot of people love this subject as much as I do and start reading and recommending it!

Note: this author is working hard to correct the stated mistakes, so one may not come across them anymore while reading the story :)