Review 2.1: Joanna

Note: I did read the story though it says episode
1 of 18. That's because last week I accidentally
deleted the Episode app from my phone and all
my reading progress vanished with it :'(
Note: I'm so sorry for the late posting this week, I've been abroad for the week and though I tried to keep writing reviews, I only got as far as 2 reviews and barely even had the time to check my messages for responses from the authors regarding their permission to publish! These reviews will count as reviews for next week's competition. I publish one today and the other tomorrow and meanwhile I'll start writing the other reviews. Enjoy the reads!

Author: Hopelessromantic
Description: Follow Joanna through the trials and tribulations of first love. The awkwardness, the thrill and the passion.

A fresh week with some fresh reviews is coming up! Today I’m starting with a story called Joanna. This cute story is about this girl called Joanna who starts experiencing love for the first time in her life. The other party is one of her best friends since childhood: he’s called TJ throughout the story. Joanna is a fun girl and typical teenager, making assumptions she shouldn’t make and creating a huge misunderstanding because of it in the first few episodes. Will she and her best friend TJ end up as more as friends? Or will they choose to preserve their friendship instead?

I must say, though the story isn’t really that original in my own reading experience, it is a very cute story so far (I read up to episode 5). I love the way Joanne looks, it makes her unique compared to all the wavy beach haired girls from a lot of other stories. I am disappointed about the directing though. It seems like you made the story using the app instead of directing it manually. But even whilst using the app you could create more depth to the directing by changing the size of the characters and stuff. But no matter what you do in the app, directing manually will still beat that as it enables one to create a much more unique and smoother way of storytelling on Episode. The author did tell me some original backgrounds pop up at episode 16, but in my opinion, it would be best to edit all episodes that need better directing (if she indeed started to direct them better be it manually or by using the app). Another point of improvement would be adding some more transitions (no not the fade outs, but story-telling wise) between certain scenes. For example in one of the first few episodes I’d read, the main character leaves one scene to go to class and the next scene suddenly walks somewhere outside the school building and from the conversation with her friend I could make out that school was suddenly already over. This is very confusing and happened at some other points in the story as well, so it would probably best to change this.

Despite there being some points of improvement, on which the author mentioned she already is working very hard, the story in itself is very nice and I love the idea of TJ and Joanna as a couple, they’re just so cute together!

Wondering what Joanna’s first love experience will get her? Read the story on Episode and recommend it if you like it!