Review 07: Hopeless Hearts

Author: Naya C.
Description: Forced to leave your love at the altar when your past catches up with you, will you reunite, or is running your new fate?

Your wedding day is there and everything seems perfect, until your mom runs to you screaming that “that man” has come to your wedding. That man being part of the group you witnessed murdering someone in cold blood years ago. Despite you having gotten a new identity, he has found you! But how could you leave the love of your life behind and start anew somewhere else yet again?

In the story the girl starts reminiscing about what happened in the past, how it affected the way she dealt with other people and how she met her groom-to-be. The situations happening in the tale are pretty realistic and shows that even the brightest people can have a lot to deal with in their lives. It’s a more serious, but pretty well written story. Though I do feel the narrator plays too big a part in this story. There could be just a bit more showing instead of explaining. Other than that the directing seems fine, though the ‘escape from the house’-scene was a bit strange to watch. I think I’d just skipped that part and fade into the party right after the main character had walked to the window. Another minor issue is the speech bubbles that sometimes have their tails pointed to the wrong character, which can be a bit confusing when one’s not paying attention to the name above it. Aside from all that, the story is rather intriguing. I sure hope the main character and her groom-to-be can get married anyhow: they make a real cute couple!

And reader, if you love a good love story combined with a nice sauce of suspense, please support this author by reading her very interesting story!

**EDIT: the author has already begun fixing the speech bubble-issue, so soon it probably won't be an issue anymore to new readers!**