Review 05: Unexpected Magic

Author: Ellyn
Description: Adelynn never had thought that her life would change forever after she found out that her mother was murdered.

Evil pixies? Death mother? Specialist pixie-hunters with guns? It’s all in this story about Adelynn, a high school girl whose mother suddenly dies by the hands of a pixie one day. From that day on Adelynn gets taken in by a strange academy that trains people to become pixie hunters. She has to give up her former life in order to stay safe from the pixies and she trains to become a pixie hunter.

What do I think about it? I think the idea is pretty nice, I like some of the characters like Chris (one of the pixie hunters) and some parts are pretty well written, but the story is missing a bit of a logic flow. A simple A happens and so B is the outcome kind of red thread through the story. Right now it feels like the story is built out of a bunch of unconnected lumps that randomly happen one after another. There really is a bit of a lack of stability: the red thread. One cause is probably the lack of a sufficient explanation about the pixie-affair at the start of the story. ‘Cause why is it that the pixies killed Adelynn’s mother? Why do they bother killing humans in general? What is their goal? What’s with the necklace Adelynn got from her mum? Instead of answering these questions, the story seems to have gotten sidetracked to Adelynn’s love life and potential bachelors, which didn’t seem to be the intention of the story at the start. At the end of the fifth episode, however, it seems to be getting back on track again, but since it ends there and the sixth episode isn’t out yet, I won’t know if the answers will come after this.
On the directing part, all seems well, except for this one scene during the final test before Adelynn becomes an official pixie huntress. Here there is a bit of a mess up with the layering, which isn’t too uncommon when staging a lot of characters in a single scene, but it is something that needs to be fixed.

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