Review 02: Love Quest

Authors: Katie and Maddie

Description: After a tough breakup, you are on a quest to find love again. But, is being in the spotlight a real way to find love?

O. My. Goodness. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a control freak, maybe it’s because I’m actually a nursing student and totally get what the main character is talking about, but I am loving this story! It must’ve taken a tremendous effort to make, so I first applaud my hands off for Katie and Maddie who are doing this project together!

Ok, sorry about that. Let’s get talking about the story content. So you are playing as you (yes you get to customize your character and pick a name for it) and your friend dares you to enter a dating show called Love Quest, since you haven’t really been out there ever since your breakup. Though you didn’t plan on actually entering, she convinces you to go anyway. You meet twelve contestants (both male and female) and start getting challenges. Every round someone gets eliminated by the viewers. Meanwhile two groups of girls team up and start plotting against each other and the guy with the superficial cocky attitude may actually have a deeper layer…

As said at the beginning of this review, you guys really impressed me. Not even can one design what the main character looks like and give her a name, one also has a say in what her personality will be like! The amount of coding it must take to make something like this…it dazzles me when I try to even just imagine it! Really, I believe this earns you guys a lot of respect already. And then there is the storyline which also looks like it’s carefully constructed (well for my sassy, crybaby route anyways). Also, I’m loving the friend and parents side characters as well. Their personalities are presented really well in a natural way.

Though, like with every story, even this one has some parts that could be improved for the better. Some transitions aren’t very smooth yet. For example the part where the scene changes from the main character sitting on board of the plane to the scene in which she is viewing the mansion she will be spending her time during the shooting. In that second scene she is still in a sitting position, which I don’t think was the author duo’s intend. What wasn’t really a directing error, but more something that feels unnecessary to me is the specifically ending days with the main character going to sleep. Unlike when she’s actually going to experience something during the night, it’s not really interesting to go through the scenes of the main character changing into her PJ’s and going to bed after every single day that takes place in the story. I’d say: just skip it.

Then there also is a bit of a down to having a lot of freedom of making choices and candidates to choose from: which are unexpected choices and the forgetting of names. When I first saw the candidates coming by, I did not expect having to choose someone I had my eye on already, so I forgot their names. So when I had to choose my favorite candidate so early on in the story, I really had no clue if I chose the right person when I saw that intimidating long list of names (by some coincidence I did, I realized when I continued reading).

So, I hope this review was helpful for both the amazing author duo and the people who read this! Please support the reviewed story by reading it if you liked what you read here and think it’s for you. Also if you really liked the story after reading it, don’t forget to recommend it on your Episode profile!