Results and Announcement SuperRead of the week!

As promised, today I will reveal the results of last week's reviewing in terms of the growth in the
amounts of readers per story and I will reveal this week's SuperRead that will get its own big post on the top of this website and will be recommended by myself on Episode and on Instagram of course :)

So what are this blog's gains after this first week per story (each story is checked on the amount of reads it has gained approximately two days after the review is published):

  • The story from the first review, Bad boys from Melia00, went from 19 reads to 26 reads in two days, making it gain a nice 7 reads.
  • Next up is Love Quest from Katie and Maddie, which went up from 220 reads to 228, so by 8 in the same amount of time.
  • Projection! by Karlon Artis got up from 43 to 51 reads in two days and also gained 8 reads.
  • The Unexpected Magic written by Ellyn had 11 reads, but in three days time has gotten to 21 reads. But since I unfortunately completely forgot to take a screenshot yesterday due to circumstances (>..<"-sorry!), I'll just have to do some dry math and take off 1/3 of those reads and round it up to guess a gain of 7 reads.
  • Then there is Finding Ourselves Together  by Kat Valantine that had quite some reads already (but still under 1K and her first story), namely 630 reads, which went up to 719 reads (doubt that's all due to this blog, but still...) that's a great gain of 89 reads.
  • Hopeless Hearts from Naya C. that has gotten up from 771 to 803 reads, making it a gain of 32 reads.

So those are the number of readers. But then again, those are just numbers and it's nice to see that at least some of the 254 pageviews this blog gotten this week, have actually lead to some reading of the reviewed stories (about 7.5 reads average per story, counting out the two highest gains). Now, putting this aside, there are still the following subjects the stories can score on:

  • Originality (of the story genre, theme, story itself/storytelling, choices, character personality/looks, etc.)
  • Directing (no/barely any mistakes in directing, paying attention to details like people in the background and use of overlays, etc.)
  • Creativity (use of backgrounds/overlays in a new way, nice covers, creative use of language/way of story telling, etc.)

For this I have made a top 3 of every topic with the reason why the story scored so high on the topic. Every placement receives a certain amount of points. First place receives 100pts, second place gets 70pts and third place is 40 pts.


  1. Love Quest: though designing one's own character isn't very original, the creating of one's personality by answering questions I have yet to find in another story. Also in itself Love Quest is very original and thought-through. The theme of dating shows and this way of wiring choices, I have not come across yet on Episode and I believe it could keep a lot of people hooked if you can only reach them. It got me hooked and excited to read the next chapter every time.
  2. Hopeless Hearts: this drama about a girl who was a about to marry, but suddenly needs to run as one of the accomplices of a murder she witnessed years ago shows up at her wedding, has a very original and sometimes scarily realistic way of combining drama, romance and suspense.
  3. The Unexpected Magic: being the only other story that hasn't got the main focus on romance (though you wouldn't say so after reading some of the first few episodes) and the only one relying on the combination of fantasy, suspense (and some drama and romance too), this story is also fairly original. It shows great promise for the future as it is slowly developing towards the real start of the main plot. Besides that, this author had the guts to give one of her characters blue hair...give it up for Ellyn the Gutsy One! (btw, that very character is the smurf, as in the funny dude of the story, so the blue hair fits him well ;-))


  1. Finding Ourselves Together: I mentioned it in my private message to this story's author already, but I really admire her dedication and eye for detail when it comes to directing this story of hers. Not only is the story an awesome read, it really has the most fine tuned directing I have seen in a User Story so far (even when compared to some really popular stories). Examples are the constant use of background characters that are active and sometimes just walk past in the background or do other stuff, making them alive and the smart use of overlays like the multiple science desk overlays in science class or the directing of the characters when it comes to entering the car overlay...really smart and terrific work! This really inspired me and I think if only for that, it would be great if not only those who like to read, but also those who wish to write or are already writing would pay more attention to this particular story!
  2. Hopeless Hearts: though the directing wasn't always perfect and I still think the scene of the window-escape eyes very strange, the overall directing of this story is very decent and the author immediately started correcting the speech bubble mistakes I noticed, showing her dedication to her story and the will to improve her directing of it. Of which I believe that it shows she's willing to grow in her directing skills so she can make her story even better in the future. I'm sure she will, by the way.
  3. Love Quest: aside from the mistake I mentioned in my review of this story, the overall directing was decent, be it a little bit boring sometimes, at other times the reader may get surprised at seeing the different characters active at a party or standing in nice rows behind the presenter of the show.


  1. Love Quest: I really love and appreciate your creative web of choices woven throughout your story! As I said before: it must take up some much time to make this all work! I'm trying something like this for my own story too, but I only have five candidates my main character can choose from, yet you start out with twelve...seriously, twelve candidates you can influence with choices you make from the start of the story? I'm urging for a sneak peak at what your directing looks like and how many pads you have written so far! It's an amazing feature and an incredible way to keep the reader really hooked, as I said before.
  2. Finding Ourselves Together: as mentioned before the way the overlays were used in the story from time to time was very creative and smart, but not only the directing is good about this story. It also is very well written and has a nice rhythm in switching from the more literary narrator to the character's spoken words or literal thoughts. The use of metaphors, the way of showing a character act out its personality before giving savvy well written narrator comments, is very nice. It's really well balanced and in combination with the earlier creative aspects, certainly deserves this second place.
  3. Hopeless Hearts: though sometimes I think it's a bit extreme (yup, still talking about the window-climbing, Naya C :'P), I must admit your story is creatively built. It has adequate zooming, and lets the reader enjoy characters from the bottom up quite frequently (especially when they're topless for some
And with all points (including the amount of readers gained) added together, these are the final results:

In the 6th place comes Bad Boys with 7pts.
In the 5th place comes Projection! with 8pts.
In the 4th place comes The Unexpected Magic with 47pts.
And in the top 3...

Third place: Hopeless Hearts 212pts

Second place: Love Quest 248pts

First place: Finding Ourselves Together 259pts! Congratulations! Starting tomorrow your story gets its own featured post on the top of this page! I'll recommend your story and give it as much shout outs as I can :)