Review 1: Bad Boys

Author: Melia00
Episode description: What will you do when you cross the path with not one but two bad boys? And which one will win over your heart?
 Synopsis: In this story you play as the beautiful daughter of a fashion designer mom, Bella, who just transferred schools. In her new school Bella meets Hailey, a girl with sas who helps her get through her first day and explains some social rules of the school. Then Bella also meets the schools two hottest and most popular guys, who, unfortunately don’t have a really good reputation. Relationships are out of the question, since these two are sworn playboys and live by it. When these two make a move on the protagonist, drama is bound to happen!

So…is this story any good, you ask?
It’s hard to say yet, since only the first three episodes are available right now and they really only form the start of the story. The startup is a bit slow and the theme ‘bad boys’ isn’t very original, but I believe a lot of drama is yet to come, so if drama, trouble and multiple love triangles is your thing, Bad Boys could be the story you’re looking for…

Other than that, I believe the story directing and usage of sound are really well done for a first story. So the author doesn’t really need to excuse herself for this at the beginning of the story 😉. There is just one thing that bothered me at the beginning, which was the repetitive door-closing sound after Bella comes home. Also I don’t think the whole ‘I-am-sorry-but-you-can’t-customize-in-my-story’-thing at the start of the story is necessary. There are a lot of great stories that don’t do customization, so don’t be sorry, be confident instead!

Every story has its ups and downs, no story is perfect, but all serious writers like Melia deserve to get some attention for the hard work they do writing and directing them! So please, if you’re into stories like Melia’s Bad Boys, support her by reading her story and if you really liked it, don’t forget to recommend it to fellow readers 😊.