Time to start some Super-Reviewing!

Ok, so the title is a bit...cheesy...to say the least, but from today on I started this cute little blog in order to write some more...central reviews on newcomer stories or stories with little views on Episode! *cheer* *or don't cheer, I don't really care!*

I try to do a review a day and at the end of the week I choose one story to recommend both on this blog, the episode forum and in the app to help the author gain reads for his or her story!

If you like the idea of this blog, please do spread the word about it and if you wish to enroll for a review, please post your story name, the author and genre in the comments below. I hope this idea turns out to be a great success! And when it does...I'm gonna need some good fellow reviewers, so if you're interested in helping me already, do tell me that in the comments too :)

That's it for my first post!

Keep posted on which stories I'll review and on the progress of my own story (yes! I write stories too :D) on Insta: @himawari_1993.


  1. Just a quick question, when do you update?? Do you have a schedule or is it random??

    1. and reveal the SuperRead on sunday, but since I ask for permission of the aurhors before posting the review, I sometimes get delayed a bit. This past week I was also busy as I was studying abroad for a week for a short project about fugitives, so this week I did do some reviews, but I didn't get any response yet (though I haven't been able to check of I did since wednesday evening, I'll check again in a minute).

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